The Craftsman4cash Woodworking Side Hustle Course

Ben Corkery
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Are you a DIY type of person who knows your way around a few basic woodworking tools? Are you looking for a side hustle or project that can bring in some extra cash each month?

Well If you are then I have something to share with you, because that is what I was just a couple short years ago… I was chasing all kinds of online business ideas with minimal progress (not that they were bad ideas (Ok some of them were) but I have just pulled in so many different directions and the bills were not going to pay themselves…

Sometimes the skill we need to make money are a lot closer than we think… starting a side hustle or trying to make some extra money with an “online business” can be overwhelming and just flat out confusing… the ‘hustle porn” is everywhere and there is always a new strategy or shiny object to chase… but what if you didn’t have to get into the online weeds to make an extra 1k-2k per month?

What if you could use some basic woodworking skills and a few hours a week to make something you could turn around and sell for a few hundred dollars profit? Well this might sound too simple to be true but the idea I stumbled across did exactly this. At the time I was a broke teacher and part-time landscaper who did not want to do either of these things… I had seen a cool bar at my friends’ wedding a couple of years back and had always thought it would be cool to try to make this type of thing and rent it out and maybe even sell it… so I decided to give this a try… turns out it worked… and it worked pretty well…a couple of years down the road I was doing 3-5k per week at the height of the busy season, not bad.I started sharing what I was doing with some of my friends, and a couple of them put their own spin on it and started doing something similar with rustic furniture and harvest tables... and guess what it worked for them too!

You will meet these guys, below and hear how they followed this simple path to start bringing in extra cash (it was pretty wild because at one point both of them had to turn away orders because they couldn't keep up).

When I saw my two friends do this, I realized the process could be repeated, sure it takes some basic woodworking skills and some hustle, but the beauty of it is you don't need any fancy software or complicated system, this is just a simple down to earth side hustle that you can start today and scale up as much or as little as you want.After seeing this same process work for others I figured why not share it with other hustlers and help put some points on the board. So I boiled down the process into a simple program and community called craftsman4cash.

Do you need this to succeed? No, Of course not, but we can save you the headaches that we went through to figure out the best practices of the building, listing, marketing, and selling... the ins and the outs the ups and the downs... I even give you some designs that you can steal right off the bat to get your first sale, and collect a few hundred dollars, maybe even in a couple days. Sound Good?

Here's how it works,

If you put in the work, you can easily put this side hustle to work for an extra $500 - $2,000 per month, and even more in the busy seasons or if you can scale up. Craftsman4cash is here to help you do that, we give you the path and the support to make your first product, get it listed and get it sold! And then we are there to help you rinse and repeat! Most of these items sell for at least a few hundred dollars so I wanted to price this course so you can pay for it with your very first sale and probably still make a few bucks on top of that, and after that your home free! If you can do it once you can do it a million times... or at least a few dozen;) But don't worry, we don't leave you hanging!

Craftsmen4cash has a 24/7 full support coaching community so you can have all your questions answered and get past all the obstacles, our goal is to help you reach your goals be that an extra $500 or $5000 per month... and if you're thinking it sounds too good to be true well I did too, at the height of my busy season one week I pulled in $8500 in gross sales and close to 5k in one week! Now I was really hustling, and I was doing some big-ticket bars and cabanas, and yes it took me some time to get there... but hey you with a proven path you can get there too! 

So Click The Link Below and Grab Your Ticket to Craftsman4Cash, and let's help you make your side hustle a reality.

What You Get:
The Side Hustle FrameWork Video Course

40 min video course and slides

2 success story interviews - so you can see how it's done

Video Walk Through And Product Design Tutorial To Start Your First Product

Simple High-Value Product Design that you can "steal" to start making and selling today!

A Complimentary 1 Month Membership to the Craftsman4cash Community (50.00 per month regular cost)

****The First 10 Purchases will receive the course for only $37 After That The Course Will Go Up $10 Every 10 Purches up to the full $97 Value***

**You will be added to the Facebook group after purchase**

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An In depth Video Walk Through of how you can build and sell tiki bars starting today

What You Get: The Side Hustle FrameWork Video Course The "How To Win With Facebook Marketplace Listings" **Bonus Training** A Bonus "Ask Me Anything" 30 Minute One on One Coaching Session with me, Ben, The Founder of Craftsman4cash A Complimentary 1 Month Membership to the Craftsman4cash Community )


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The Craftsman4cash Woodworking Side Hustle Course

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