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The Email Copy Freelance Side Hustle Guide

Ben Corkery
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Want to make an extra 3-6k per month as an email copywriter?

Well, now you can.

Don't listen to the haters this is very doable and if you follow this resource pack then you can land your first client a few days from now.

This resource pack has everything you need to get started as an email copywriter and start pitching yourself to businesses that will pay you 1-3k per month each!

Get a few of these clients and you have a 6 figure business that you can run in just a few hours per week from anywhere you want.

All you need is a laptop and the internet.

Follow this guide and you will start getting messages like this:

Yea that sounds good.

Really good.

So if it sounds good to you then grab this resource pack right now so you can start getting messages just like this.

Here's what you get:

My email copywriter quickstart mini-course where I break down freelance email copywriting, how I got started and how you can too.

My top free resources to learn about email marketing and copywriting.
- Links for 2 videos and one Free Ebook

Five different methods for finding businesses that you can pitch

Two Free Chrome extensions you can use to find prospects' emails and track the emails you send out (see if they have been viewed)

Four world-class email lists to sign up for that will teach you how to be a better email marketer and copywriter.

Two real messages I sent out that actually got a response and one that turned into a real client.


A step-by-step guide to the exact things you need to do in order to set up your business and start pitching clients.

It's all free.

And it's all yours right here!

Go get em, tiger!

Oh and if you get this you will be getting daily emails from me on how to write better and make more money!
Consider yourself warned :)

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The Comprehensive Guide To Becoming A Freelance Email Copywriter


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The Email Copy Freelance Side Hustle Guide

6 ratings
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