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Hi I am a serial side hustler, writer, and creator testing out new ideas and projects and documenting the journey


How to results faster (might not want to hear this)

Adult content (warning)

The 30k mixer (i used this to make 30k in one month)

change your life in 4 months (easy steps)

DOcUment the "tinder" process

I've neglected you... but I also hit pay dirt (1k days)

my first 1500 on Shopify (how you can do it too)

my facebook ad worked

I made another FREE course (i just want you to be rich)

Side hustle > Freelancer > Remote Job > Brand Builder

I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch

Back on the caffeine and crossing 1k on shopify

This will make you look younger (I launched my skincare brand)

schizo emails are the best emails (but this is not one of them)

Let's grab coffee this week (and get you your next client)

this grows your twitter (I paid for this but you can have it for free)

10k in two days (it's not magic)

This conference was insane (I was right)

Psychedelic Business Reflections From 30k ft Up (I'm going to hang out with Joe Rogan)

Sloppy Sunday's (but we're gonna clean up$$$)

Peaky Blinders for freelancers (not for the faint of heart, but you will make money)

OK, Time To Make Some Of You Some Money **Stripe Link Is Live**

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im a b*tch im a b*tch im a b*tch

your life is a joke (stop being funny)

wanna go on a date? (jk but I am hosting a twitter space at 7:30)

it's 3:48 AM and I'm thinking about you

sexy Spring time Takeaways

New client nibbling on the line... it's just like fishing (cold email response!)

Spiritual direction for your business (this will help you sell better, without selling your soul)

I'm high on business and nicotine

Wanna land a client together? hold my hand🎶

I wrote some copy for my own brand wanna see it? (trigger warning)

I just spent 3k on a conference (shit is getting real)

I'm starting an ecom brand (don't worry I'm still copywriting)

Feedback from a million"air" He likes me emails but says they can be better...

Takeaways from my consulting call with Cardinal Mason

Ben Settle's advice to an aspiring copywriter

The larping copywriter (and my new youtube video)

How to get confident in copywriting (& make big $$)

I've been procrastinating... and its starting to physically hurt

Today I turn 30

Superbowl commercial challenge (become a better copywriter while watching this)

How I went from 0-9k Per month in 120 days (full video)

I just got this message from a founder and CEO (and its pretty sweet)

The Freelancer "Tipping Point" (I'm about to get rich)

Nothing happens then everything happens (don't give up on your business)

The Power of Scarcity (My best email since black friday)

I have no idea what I'm doing (frustrations of starting a business)

Some copywriting client acquisition goodies for you!

Something different today (maybe the most valuable thing I have put together)

Business in Miami, how I'm gonna make more money (and how you can too)

I just launched a copywriting product... want to see it?

How to get your first 200 followers on Twitter (step by step)

Blasting Copywriting Application on Indeed

The upside of sending cold emails (it's like Christmas morning)

It's Saturday night and I'm sending cold emails and drinking Zevia

Here is how to get unstuck as an entrepreneur (it literally can't fail)

"Not it's not sexual"... the email launched my copywriting career

Don't Open This Email (but if you do then please do this)

Tim Ferris showed me how to become a better writer ( in about 4 min)

Stop sending cold emails (if you want high paying clients)

A New Years suprise to make you more money (better than champaign)

I am a poor boy too... (rump a pum pum) but not for long

Free Christmas Gifts For The First 5 To Hit "Reply"

Easy ways to find clients who will pay you money

How 2 Get Your First Cly-Ent

You will feel stupid but it will make you money

The "wet dreams email" that may change your life

How to get your first client **unveiled and exposed**

Most emails suck. A crash course in writing better emails.

Business in a bottle - how to get clients coming to you!

The Copywriting Robot's are coming but it doesn't matter

Clients are everywhere - here's two easy ways to find them

The "tipping point" (when money comes easy)

You just need one "yes"

This helped me make money (free resource)

Let's make you some money